Thursday, July 15, 2010

For the New Teacher

Hi everyone

Sorry so long in between posts, but I really have not been in the mood to craft.........Eeeeech I know. I bought some more svg files so maybe that will get me excited enough to want too!

Thanks so much for all the prayers My Mammogram came back good . THANK GOD

As for my foot that is another thing I am about ready to cut it off......

About a month 3 shots and 3 ultra wave treatments and still hobbling.....they are gonna try to up my meds and fit me for an arch support for in my shoe to see if that helps.....

Been pretty busy getting my yard work done oh has it been looking pretty bad!

Tabatha and Courtney are on vacation this week , they went to Myrtle Beach

Sure do miss them, but they call every day and are having a fantastic time they will be home Sunday. My Niece and Nephew are home for a couple of weeks then we are expecting more relatives from California ....So I will be busy with Family.

Thought I would post this My Niece Tina wanted me to help her make a gift for her son's new teacher ........

She bought a small tin lunch box and we decorated it, she is gonna fill it with goodies.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope too be back in the swing of things soon.

Wanda :-D


Things I am thankful for

1. No Breast Cancer


If you drop by face book look me up I play Frontier ville and Resort World always looking for new neighbors... wink!


  1. good to see you back girl :) praise God that all turned out well and now lets hope the other issues get fixed :)

  2. Wanda,
    So glad to hear that you had good results on the mammo. Prayers fora healing foot.
    I would be so thrilled if one of my kiddos brought me this on the first day of school. So much thought and kindness in this..
    I know you miss the girls, Myrtle Beach is beautiful....
    Kim xXx

  3. Wanda, I am so sorry to hear you've not been well; however, I am glad to know there's some good news regarding your mammogram. I hope your foot recovers soon, I hate to think of a beautiful person like you suffering even a tiny bit. I've been AWOL myself, but I will be keeping up with how you're recouperating now on a regular basis.

    Hugs, my beautiful friend!

  4. I am so glad to hear the mammogram went well. Praying they figure out what to do with your foot. :-( We have missed you
    Cute lunch box, very cute

  5. Hey where's my comment...I left one yesterday on here and it is gone..oh well. I said I loved this one. I am glad your feeling better. I will catch u on facebook later. Love ya!

  6. Hey's great to see you back. I follow your blog and was wondering if everything was okay with you. Keep improving each day and continue to share your talent with us. Thanks... Dorisb

  7. I'm so sorry I've been so MIA, been a busy girl..LOL
    I'm so super psyched to hear your feeling better and your test results were all good.
    This is a great little tin and makes me wish my kids were little again so I could create such cuteness for them..
    I promise to stop by more often.. :O)

  8. Hi Wanda! Well, you might not have crafted much lately, but what you do is amazing! I love this lunch box! So happy your mammogram turned out well. I'll keep praying for your foot to get better too!

  9. Gosh I have been thinking alot about have you been? We need to get connected again...did you ever see on my blog what had happened to Cody being in the hospital? Looks like all that is behind us though (thank the Lord!)
    Love your projects, sorry I had missed them!!!
    Thinking of you lots and lots!!!

  10. Hi, Wanda! Dropping in to say hello, and I so hope you're starting to feel better!

  11. Hi Wanda, sorry not been by lately but my computer is not letting me log in so I have had to use one of the boys while they are out. It is great to play catch up tho, I just love the lunch tin and the giraffe on your previous layout is so adoreable. Glad to hear the mammogram was good and hope you have luck with the arch support on your foot. Take care.

    Kaye x

  12. OH MY I've had a go around your bloggy world and I love it! I'm over here laughing with all of your Edward stuff; you and me both sista! I love your blog and all of your work. Great stuff.

  13. thats a very cool little box that you have designed for your teacher, very nice looking, i love your blog, very cute it is

  14. Dear Wanda, sorry to hear that you're not feeling too crafty but I love this lunch tin .. it's darling! So glad about your mammo .. PTL for that! Hope we both can get back to our crafting and blogging soon! Hugs to you!

  15. So happy about the mammo results, so blue about your foot... You are such a sweet, talented person - I enjoy everything you create!

  16. Super cute project. I am a teacher and would
    love to get this from any student.



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