Friday, July 31, 2009

Book worm

Good Friday morning to you all

Well here is another School layout....I am just having so much fun with these!

Another cart I am really lovin is the Sesame cart ...I have to get the Sesame font cart.

But the cuts are all so cut ...

for this one I used

DCWV Grade School Stack....The frame around the page , I was going to use as a page but didn't want to cover it up and waste it so I cut the first row out and made a boarder frame out of it....

added it to the card stock...makes a perfect page!

Walk in my garden for....title worm cut @ 3ins...doodled added google eyes and pop dotted.

pooh & friends worm cut @ 1in

Hello Kitty for....the books with the apple cut @4 1/2 ins pop dotted.

Graphically speaking for the out line of a book ...I am going to use to journal.

Sesame Street for.... Bert cut @ 3 1/2 ins ...What I really love about this cart is even though I cut Bert at 3 1/2 ins ( which is pretty small for a character cut ) he was very easy to put together.

pop dotted him.

Worm cut @ 1 1/2 ins and pop dotted.... I grouped them so they look like something you would see sitting on a book shelf...

Made one big photo mat so I can added one or a couple pics...added star clips and had a little dead space so I added flowers but now that I look at it I am gonna change them to Stars to go along with the page...

Thanks so much for stopping by....And PLEASE feel free to let me know what you think

it is always nice be it (good or bad) to get comments.....

Have a Great day and an even better weekend


P.S. How the picture was taken makes it look like it was embossed ...but it wasn't

Thursday, July 30, 2009

School soak it up

Good morning all

Well here I go again with

I was looking at my Sponge Bob cart and came across the soak it up saying & I thought that would be great to add to a layout, with sponge bob, reminded me of a saying kids are like a sponge they soak everything up!

For this one I used

Sponge Bob cart for.... Sponge Bob cut @ 5ins & pop dotted & soak it up cut @ 3ins ,doodled and pop dotted. Wavy boarder cut @ 1in, bubbles cut @ 2 1/4 ins.

Cuttin Up ( my fav font ) for.....School title (cartoon setting ) cut @ 2ins& pop dotted

boarder at the top I cut from another paper and added...

E K Success wave boarder punch

cuttle bug ...embossing folders..Numbers & Circles for photo mats....

Locker Talk for....pencils both cut @ 1in and pop dotted...paper clip cut @ 2ins.

added 3 fish brads.

Paper is DCWV School Stack

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope I don't bore you with my school layouts, I have a couple more to do yet!

Have a great day


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's Count

Good morning

It is a gloomy sticky rainy day here...they say we are in for some down pours today, but I am not complaining ...we need rain BAD!

Well here is another school layout ...You are probably tired of see ....but I am really having fun!

I really like the Sesame cart but Have not used it to much ...but I think it is great for School....

For this layout I used.....

Sesame Street cart.......The Count cut @ 5 1/2 ins and pop dotted the bats are part of the cut.

Martha Stewart Spider web corner punch.

Paper Is DCWV Grade School Stack

boarder at the bottom I cut from another page and added...

Cuttin up & opposites attract carts for the title....doodled and added a web corner, let's cut @ 1 1/2 ins and count cut @ 1 in . Cuttin up ,George & Design Studio for the circle number frame Circle from George cut @ 4 1/4 ins.... numbers are from cuttin up cut @ 1in...welded in DS...pop dotted and the top layer I embossed with cuttle bug Swiss dots folder

I think it make a great School page...

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heading off to School

Good morning all

Have I told you I am having a Blast with these cuts from locker talk.....

I think I just started a book ( with out knowing it )

But I having been having sooo much fun with it , I didn't want to stop!

I think I have one more after this....

For this layout I used

Locker Talk .... for the scissors and pencil boarder at the bottom ..I welded it in Design Studio

added tiny button brads for screws and doodled ..I think it is cute...cut @ 2ins...

locker talk bag cut @ 3 1/2 ins and pop dotted the pockets, doodled.

Locker talk for....the note book page that I am gonna put a couple of pics on with paper clips...I think that will look cool....

doodled some on it , inked it and added a paper clip cut from locker talk @ 1 1/4 in.

Locker talk for.... The title Heading off to School cut @ 3 ins added a button swirl , doodled and pop dotted it.

Pooh & Friends for Piglet cut @ 4 1/2 ins and pop dotted

added some squiggle buttons...

the paper is from DCWV grade school stack...

thanks for stopping by Hope you have a great day



Monday, July 27, 2009

1 + 2 = 3

Good Monday morning to you all

Here is another school layout I made....I love to mix characters with my layouts, as you can see by looking at some of my older work...I am really having fun with these school layouts.

for this one I used

Pooh & Friends for...Pooh @ at 4 1/12 ins and pop dotted

Bee hive branch cut @ 6 ins

Honey pot cut @ 3 ins inked and pop dotted

number pots cut at 1 1/2 ins inked and pop dotted

leaves cut @ 1 1/2 ins ...the swirls at the bottom of the paper reminded me of wind blowing so I thought it would be cool to add a few leaves to it...pop dotted them

the boarder I cut from a strip of another paper and added it...gave everything a little touch of ink...brads for the pic corners... Paper is from DCWV Grade School Stack

I have a few more ideas a I am gonna work on ....I'm feeling giddy like a kid again....( oh is that possible)

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day



Friday, July 24, 2009


Good morning everyone,

Here is the last of the three I made the other day ....but I made a couple more last night....

I got locker talk so I could make School layouts and I am totally loving the cuts on it...they are all so cute! I think I need speaking of School also...anybody have it ? If so What is it like?...

I saw the new Carts coming out ...and boy like I need any more! But oh there is like 3 or 4 MUST haves......

OK for this layout I used

DCWV Grade School paper stack...and for the boarder at the bottom I cut another page out and glued it on....

Locker Talk for...the bus cut @ 5 1/2 and pop dotted..added skittles for some of the lights doodled and added 3 D stickers of owl's

Bus Stop Sign cut @ 3 ins pop dotted...

Pooh & Friends for the leaves cut @ 1 1/2 ins inked and pop dotted.

kindergarten sign / also locker talk cut at 3 ins....

I am sooo lovin these cuts I think I might have just started another book for school....LOL

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend



Thursday, July 23, 2009

A + Elmo

Good Morning all

Here is another of the 3 layouts I scrapped the other night.....

This is another School layout. I really like how this one turned out!

I used DCWV Grade School paper stack , the ABC boarder at the bottom I cut another page and layered it for the boarder.

Used Locker talk for ....stack of books cut @ 4ins inked , doodled and pop dotted.

A+ cut @ 2 1/2 ins , pop dotted and Embossed with cuttle bug Swiss folder and shadowed.

Star Brads on the corners of the picture frame...and the apple is locker talk also cut @ 2 ins doodled and pop dotted.

Sesame Street for...Elmo cut @ 4 1/2 ins and pop dotted .

Thanks so much for stopping by & Have a great day



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First day of School

Good morning all

Well with the weather ( rainy ) It felt like fall, My Grand Daughter Courtney

goes to School this year...Kindergarten ...sniff sniff

She lives with me and it is just me and her all day while my husband and Daughter ( her Mom) I am really gonna be lost ...she is my side kick!

Empty nest all over again ...boy Either I have to scrap more or get a job...Mmmmmm

Well any way God was really working over time last night...I sat here and made 3 layouts (that's a first )..I am never that creative in one night!

This is one I did

For this one I used......Graphically speaking.....the ABC pic frame cut on shadow @ 7ins

locker talk for..... first day of school cut @ 3ins......pencil cut @ 1in..... scissors cut @ 2 1/2 ins

and shadowed ,added a screw brad in the scissors.

pop dots ...added black buttons with red floss to make them pop....

Paper is DCWV Grade School Stack.
I really like how this turned out
Thanks for stopping by & have a Great Day

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whiff of Joy

Hi all just wanted to let you know Katharina's is giving away some awesome blog candy go check it out ...til July 26th


Good morning all

I am still working on my Disney book...We went to Universal Studios when we where there, so I include them pics in my book also.... All in one trip!

Courtney loves...The Penguins. We watch them on TV all the time ( I like them 2 )

For this layout I used

Mickey & Friends font ....Title Cut @ 1in and shadowed...added some doodling.

Burlap garland behind the title for some texture.

Paper is DCWV summer stack

Life is a Beach for....palm trees cut @ 6ins / flower cut @ 3ins and pop dotted

all the different leaves cut @ 3ins & 2ins...Martha Stewart branch punch.

Home Accents for the swirls cut @ 3 & 2 ins added some skittles.......

added corner tabs for the picture..... I had fun with it ...hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by & Have a great day



Friday, July 17, 2009

Once upon a time

Hi all

I thought I better get back to working on my Disney book......

This is a pic of Courtney meeting Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia

She didn't know quit how to take him...He was trying to show her how to pose for the pic and she was like ( what is he doing ).

Sorry about the lighting , It is dark & raining here.

I used Happily Ever After for...... The shield & the Sword both cut @ 4 ins

added a gem....

Home Accents & Home Decor for....flourishes cut @ 2ins & 3ins

flowers and pop dotted ...paper is from DCWV's Once upon a time stack.

I liked this I didn't have to do too much to it so it went very quickly....

Thanks for stopping by

Have a great day



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friend to Friend Heart to Heart card

Hi all

I made this card for my Friend Pricy....

This is another Magnolia stamp...I just love them!

I used stretch your imagination for the whole card......cut @ 5 1/2 ins on the card cut

then the frame for it and yet another frame scallop cut.

scallop frame I cut 3 times for thickness...

fiskars corner punch..punched 6 times ...

Tilda colored with Prisma markers and pop dotted......

buttons with string /ribbon & lace....Skittles

studio G stamp for the inside

the paper is from DCWV summer stack

Thanks so much for stopping by

Have a great day



Friday, July 10, 2009

You go Girl

Hi all

Sorry I have been so long posting... I have been really busy , trying to do a lot of yard work...And boy did it need it!

My poor Hubby & I spent all day Wednesday putting down 6 yards of mulch ( and if you don't know how much that is it is a VERY LOT ) my back is still killing me....

But I really wanted to get this card done for a chance to win over at

They are giving away some awesome blog candy

This is my first tri shutter card and my entry....

card recipe card is 6 x 12

metal Heart & Star clips

oval cut @ 4ins embossed with cuttle bug Swiss dot folder

Bratz Doll is a Digi Stamp colored with markers ...pop dotted

also used glitter gel pen for her eyes , and all the green on her

Pearls , Martha Stewart branch punch

Home accent for Swirl cut @ 2ins

Sheer ribbon , Flowers & paper pieced parts of the flowered paper on to the squared paper...

EK Success corner punch & Wave boarder punch...Wow I think that's all...I was so tired and achy It took me a couple of days to make this...I'm just glad I finished it...

Thanks so much for stopping by

Have a great day



Monday, July 6, 2009

with sympathy/Magnolia Card

Hi all

I got my new nesties....I

love them need more!!!!!!!!

Oh are these bad boys on my list...long list!

I found this great site that has them pretty cheap ck it out

Very good service and great prices.

My Daughters Boyfriends Uncle Died so I made this sympathy card for him.

I used Magnolia stamp Tilda...colored with Prisma markers

My new ...nesties

Martha Stewart scallop boarder punch

embossed with cuttle bug Tile folder


ribbon , flower .

pop dots

Jasmine cart for with sympathy saying

the butterfly is a nestie also. And after I already colored it and glued it on the card , I realized I didn't have the book on it that she was gonna sit on ...DUMMY ME! oh well...

Thanks for stopping by

Have a great evening



Friday, July 3, 2009


Good morning all

I got the new stand and salute cart and had to play...

this is my very first 4Th of July card ...My Sister always has a Big get together for the 4th.

She lives right beside the town park where they set the fireworks off we get a very good view..We always have a great time ..I thought this year I would make her a card to thank her!

card recipe

Stand and Salute for all the cuts

star frame cut @ 4 1/2 ins added a red strip of embossed zig zag Martha Stewart boarder under it. Freedom cut @ 1 in ...shadowed

firework cut @ 1 1/4 ins stickled and pop dotted...added a piece of ribbon on the corner.

embossed cuttle bug swirls folder for the background.

small star cut @ 1in layered on the star frame , stickled & pop dotted.also added a tiny stickled star on the o in freedom.

And the star of the show Magnolia stamp ( Tilda ) all colored up in red white & blue...with prisma markers and pop dotted.

on the inside I used the cut out part of the star frame as the base added ribbon and computer font .....

Thanks for stopping by

I hope everyone has a safe & Happy 4Th of July!



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pit Stop

Good morning all

Well here is another layout for my Disney book ...I think I might need another book ..LOL

I really like how this one turned out.... This is a Pic of my Daughter Tabatha & My Grand Daughter Courtney meeting Lightning McQueen & Mater at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Cars is one of our fav movies..... and mater ...well he is just the one for
I am just to proud of myself There was a little boy standing next to mater and I used my photo editing software and wiped him out....I think I did an awesome job can't tell he was there..this was the only good pic I had so I had to edit it.

for this layout I used

Cars for all the cuts....

Title Pit Stop cut @ 1 1/2 ins pop dotted

McQueen & Mater cut @ 1 1/2 ins & 2 ins

Guido cut @ 4 1/2 ins inked & pop dotted isn't he cute !

tire cut @ 2 ins...pop dotted and a brad

Gas pump cut @ 4 1/2 ins sanded it to make it aged, inked ,doodled, pop dotted and added buttons .....

for the boarder down the side I used the cut out of the race flags cut @ 1 1/2 ins

for the journal tag I inked it added screw brads and computer font on sticker paper....

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meeting SpongeBob

Good morning all

This pic was taken at Universal Studios , Courtney meeting SpongeBob

She rode Jimmy Neutron ride ,SpongeBob is in it and after the ride you get to meet him.....

She really loved meeting him he is her very Favorite !

for this layout I used

SpongeBob cart for all the cuts......

SpongeBob Logo cut @ 3ins/ pop dotted

Gary the snail cut @ 2 1/4 / pop dotted

Patrick cut @ 5 ins / pop dotted

Jelly fish cut @ 3 ins / pop dotted

net cut @ 3 ins / pop dotted

pic frame cut @ 7 1/2 ins

Sea grass cut @ 3 ins & 2 1/2 ins

bubbles cut @ 2ins

tore tan & brown paper to look like the bottom of the sea....

the cuts on this cart ( the ones I made so far ) where fairly easy even the small ones....

I'm glad because Courtney would like her room done in SpongeBob, So I think I am going to do a wall of Him....

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day