Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meeting SpongeBob

Good morning all

This pic was taken at Universal Studios , Courtney meeting SpongeBob

She rode Jimmy Neutron ride ,SpongeBob is in it and after the ride you get to meet him.....

She really loved meeting him he is her very Favorite !

for this layout I used

SpongeBob cart for all the cuts......

SpongeBob Logo cut @ 3ins/ pop dotted

Gary the snail cut @ 2 1/4 / pop dotted

Patrick cut @ 5 ins / pop dotted

Jelly fish cut @ 3 ins / pop dotted

net cut @ 3 ins / pop dotted

pic frame cut @ 7 1/2 ins

Sea grass cut @ 3 ins & 2 1/2 ins

bubbles cut @ 2ins

tore tan & brown paper to look like the bottom of the sea....

the cuts on this cart ( the ones I made so far ) where fairly easy even the small ones....

I'm glad because Courtney would like her room done in SpongeBob, So I think I am going to do a wall of Him....

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