Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crayon wreath

Good Tuesday morn all,
Well had a good weekend and now the kids are back to school.
I made this crayon on wreath for granddaughter Courtney's teacher she is in 2nd grade this year.
I seen these last year and been wanting to make one a little slow I
These are real simple to make and there are a few different was to make them.
Supplies used: 2 wood cross stitch rings 12 in & 8 in
1 box 64 crayons and I added about 10 more to make it fuller..
You can use any kind I choose Crayola and made sure that all the labels were facing the same way. Hot glue them
1 roll of ribbon ( optional ) I weaved around the wreath one way then back around the other way so it was doubled.
Cricut carts: locker talk and mini monograms for the cuts I also added a wooden sign and sprayed it with chalk board paint then wrote 2nd grade on it with chalk..added some ribbon with a small piece of chalk.
Roll of ribbon to make a bow and saved a piece to hang it with and glued to the back.
She gave it to her teacher and I was told she loved it ...the teacher sent me a very nice thank you note home...
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day
Hugs Wanda


  1. You aren't the last one to make one Wanda! I haven't made one and have been wanting to for a long while now! LOL Your wreath looks fabulous my friend, I love the die cuts you used and love the idea of the chalk board paint too! Love the bow, so pretty!!

  2. No way...this is WAY freakin cool (containing myself here...)
    I have GOT to make one of these! (Jordyn started kindergarten and has the same teacher Scotti had last year so 2 years in a row w/ her, I'd love to do something awesome like this for her!)
    Ok so anyways...really love this!
    But where's your cute flower tag? Hehe!


  3. This is so totally amazing, Wanda! Not having kids or grandkids, this is the first time I've seen something like this. ADORABLE! Really, really LOVE it! xxD


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