Sunday, January 17, 2010

My BIG Day

Good morning all
Well it is finally here my BIG day the day I am officially OLD my 50th Birthday.
As I look back at my years on this earth ... I used to be a spit fire I was wild, free spirited and a happy go lucky person. I got married at 16 yrs old to my Best Friend Bill we had been together since I was 13yrs old. ( And yes we are still together 34 yrs ). I had both my kids by 19yrs old.
Since I was so young being married and having kids I didn't have to many friends...So my Sister and I became BEST FRIENDS and let me tell you I don't know where I would be today with out her. I love you Bonnie thanks for always being there for me!
My 2 kids have blessed me with 2 of the worlds most Beautiful, smart loving Grand Daughters in the world.....My Daughter Tabatha gave me my 1st Courtney she is 6 now and they live with us that's why you see me scrapping her all the time.
My Son Bob blessed me with my 2nd Lily she will be 5 in May...I don't see her as much as I would love to but she is such a sweetie She has a smile that just touches your heart!
I have 3 Brothers & a Sister , I lost my Dad 6 yrs ago I am thankful I still have my Mom she turns 83 this year God Bless her.
I am thankful that my Hubby has a good job ( helps support my creative habit )
a roof over my head , a loving Family And I LOVE be a Grammy!
I am thankful I got to go to Disney as much as I did...I LOVE DISNEY!
I think I will always be a KID at heart.
As I look back threw all the ups and downs and I had a lot of downs...I wouldn't change one glorious second!
I might be a little ( ok a lot ) fatter, a little more cranky and slower but I made it to 50!
I am now in to scrapping & card making and I have made some of the most amazing FRIENDS
So thank you LORD for blessing me with such a WONDERFUL LIFE
Thanks to all that stop by my little piece of the web and sharing a little love along the way.


  1. Wanda, I just want to say Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart....I hope you have a good one...and we love you!

  2. Oh, Wnada, I am so glad that you shared that it's your birthday! Hope you have the happiest day ever ... and it sounds like you're off to a great start! Big bday hugs to you!

  3. Hang on, I need a tissue! Whew, what a post. Here is a big birthday hug, my friend! You are such a special you, sweetie! Your love for your family and friends is s deep! I hope you have the most glorious day!
    Kim xXx

  4. Happy Official Birthday Wanda....sounds like you have all your priorities in order...what a great post...hope your day is all you wish for and more!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! You share a birthday with my first Grand-Daughter who turned 19 today. Hope you have a blessed day. Being a "Granny" is truly the most wonderful thing in the world. Hope your day gets better and better!!!

  6. Kim, get me one too!
    I think a lot about the years ahead of me because of how different my life is now from 10 years ago. And I know change is a part of things. That was cool to read that and get to know you better. We should start emailing each other too..
    So..HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my talented, fun and loving friend.
    Oh and by the by, reading that I think we sound a bit alike! maybe there inlies the bond!
    xoxoxo lots of love to you!

  7. Happy Birthday Wanda.. I feel very special to have gotten to know you a little.. You are a very sweet "young" lady. I pray you have a fabulous B'day. hugs

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wanda, what a beautiful story. Here's to many more years of Happiness!

  9. Happy Birthday, Wanda! Praying your year is showered with blessings. I'm almost done with my year long project of organizing 30 years of photos and will be looking through your layouts for inspiration as my first projects will be my disney vacations. I'll be joining you at the half-century mark in September. ((hugs))

  10. Happy Birthday my friend :) *and welcome to AARP age LOL

  11. Happy birthday Wanda! I hope your day was beautiful!! 50 is NOT old! Afterall, I am right behind you!

    God has awesome things in store for you this year, open your heart and mind to His glorious gifts!

    hugs, Robyn

  12. Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Wanda, you've earned and deserve all the Blessings your received in your 50 years; I know that God's not through with you yet!!!

    Happy Birthday!

    I'll be seeing you!

  14. Oh! I want to wish a very Happy birthday, sorry I'm a day late..but better late than never..
    I have a little gift for you on my blog, just waiting for you to come and get..

  15. Happy Birthday Wanda! Thanks for sharing a little bit about who you are with us! What a great posting!


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