Friday, September 4, 2009

Tina's card

Good Friday morning all

My Niece & I are HUGE Twilight fans...fanatics is more like it!

So I made her this card for Christmas

I think she is gonna flip over it....

I used Paper dolls cart for the tree cut @ 4ins

sewed around black paper

Doodle Charms cart for apple cut @ 3ins , pop dotted and added paper glaze to make it shine...

in the pic you can't see it

All I want for Christmas and Edward are from computer....

Martha Stewart drippy goo punch

Sweethearts cart for corner cut @ 3 ins

ribbon pics from computer....

I made it a pop up card so Edward pops out at you....

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Labor Day Weekend!




  1. Wow you outdid yourself this time...I really love this favorite is Edward too...I am now a fanatic of twilight....can't wait for newmoon...I watched this movie about a week ago and now I am hooked....I know she will love it...she might even faint...TFS

  2. Oh Wanda...put me on that list youngest freaks out when I say I think Edward is hot cuz I have a son who is nineteen...but honey I aint did a really wonderful job on this!

  3. well by your blog wallpaper i can tell your a big fan!! fantastic card :) i know zip about the books or movies (i know i am out of touch with whats HOT LOL )

  4. Well, Wanda, this is just hot, hot, hot! I'm sure she will love it! Who wouldn't!

  5. I don't follow Twilight but it's an awesome card. You niece is sure to love it!

  6. I don't have a clue what twilight is, but your card is awesome (as always)...

  7. I'm loving this card.. AWESOME..and my dd would "die" for that photo of Edward with his shirt open..yummy!

  8. WHOO HOO! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MY CARD! Not only does Edward dazzle do too! You may have to laminate it to keep my drool off of it! I am so glad that we are TWILIGHT FREAKS together! Now you don't think twice about me telling you that...I AM IN LOVE WITH A 17 YEAR OLD VAMPIRE...cuz YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY! TEAM EDWARD BABY! Please get your butt up here to see New Moon with me! I LOVE MY CARD BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY...I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!!!


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