Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Good Morning all
Well last night after super We were going for our nightly walk.
My husband walked by the refrigerator, and ask me what that hissing sound was.
We pulled the fridge out ....GOOD thing ...the water hose to the ice maker was spraying every where.......So we shut the water off ...SO WE THOUGHT..... went to Lowe's got the new part.
We come home to a mess...found out the shut off valve is bad and won't shut off all the way.
My Kitchen is above my Landry room were I store a lot of stuff......It had run down through the ceiling along the the furnace duct work , and went all over everything...
So I will be busy today with the clean up....I have a few more things I have been working on though
I will post soon
Thanks Wanda


  1. Oh no... I didn't know you had a blog...

  2. Plumbing problems are such a headache. Went to work one day then to a friend's house to swim and have grilled hamburgers. Got home about 6:00 and the toilet tank in the sparebathroom had sprung a leak in the ittle plastic gizmo inside the tank that pumps water and it was everywhere. Got into my scrapbook room but not much damage. Just a LOT of work and a LOT of angst. Hope it all gets cleared up soon.


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